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Wynn Resorts, Limited is an American publicly traded corporation based in Paradise, Nevada that is a developer and operator of high end hotels and casinos. It was founded in 2002 by former Mirage Resorts Chairman and CEO Steve Wynn, and is now run by CEO Matthew Maddox. As of 2020, the company has developed six properties. Most notably, its flagship Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Las Vegas have each earned Five-Star status on the 2020 Forbes Travel Guide (FTG) Star Rating list and are now the largest and second largest FTG Five-Star resorts in the world, respectively. Wynn Palace, originally earning FTG Five-Star status in 2018, is the third largest.

An employee shared this in a review, "The Wynn is a great company. However working as a lifeguard was a horrible experience. We weren’t just lifeguards, we’d be forced to do others jobs like clean the food trays, kick people off chairs, and yell at guest if they moved there chair just an inch. It’s a little concerning how they didn’t care about their guests safety when we’d have to do these additional things while we were supposed to be supervising the water. Not to mention the whole season we had a maximum of 3 umbrellas on only 8 of our stands. I mean come on when it’s over 100 degrees out that’s just wrong. This company has millions of dollars yet couldn’t give their employees protection from the sun? Also the management is ridiculous if they didn’t like you forget it. The supervisors would constantly pull their favorite lifeguards off stand to do random unnecessary things. You barely could talk to your coworker without the managers jumping down your throats, like do you really expect us to go all day and not say a single word? Especially when communication was super important in this work setting. However the managers would always “group”. Way to set and example for everyone else. The Wynn is a great place but my department ruined it for me. Lunches were good though!! 1hr paid."


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Former Employee - Director says

"Harassment, brutal managers, policies unfair to workers. I had to sign a contract to get a pay raise which tied me to the company and I couldn’t look for a new job and get out of a sick industry. The contract kept getting amended to way below my raise and I was eventually terminated. All the executives reduced their salary in exchange for stock options."

Former Employee - Design Manager says

"Poor current management, no communication from top to workers, team morale is low. Current design studio is a ghost town. Treat any worker as just a number, no appreciation for extra hours or work put in."

Former Employee - CRT says

"Company has too many poor leaders, especially within the security department. If they like you, you'll thrive, if they do not, you will be replaced. They will lie to get rid of people, and the Security department is akin to high school with the constant bickering. Once you are gone, they will ban you from property (not that it's a big deal)"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Point system needs to be re-evaluated. People have gotten in car accidents and have to call work before heading to the hospital."

Current Employee - Director Level says

"No vision - Close-minded executive management"


"Some of the of security guards racist"

Former Employee - Promoter says

"Management isn't helpful, quotas unreasonable, expected to put in more work than compensated for"

Current Employee - VIP Host says

"No personal life, no sleep and super stressful"

Current Employee - Special Operations Guard says

"My employment at the Wynn started about three years ago. They were recruiting for the development of a special operations security team, which would be tasked to prevent dangerous people and weapons from entering the property, as well as reacting to potentially dangerous situations that might occur. They put together a group of four prior special operations military members (Tactical Response Unit - TRU) and made them all assistant directors. These individuals were responsible for supervising the Security Special Operations department. The Special Operations Department was comprised of 40 (although we very rarely were at full manning) former Marine Corps veterans whom all shared the same background of Marine Corps Embassy Security Guards. They made us all salaried, line-level, employees. The salary aspect allowed them to force us to work more, without additional compensation, in times when they were unable to maintain our basic manning requirements. Their inability to maintain the manning requirements directly links back to TRU, as those individuals would work for only two days and be gone for six. There was always one there, but there was zero continuity and each only cared about certain things. This caused many problems, because whenever issues were brought up, they were rarely solved. Fast-forward to about 6 months ago, TRU was abolished and replaced with one administrative assistant director, it would seem that the Wynn decided they weren't necessary. TRU may not have been necessary, but Special Operations Guards were determined to be. Until recently, everything was going fine, until they decided to open the job up to other applicants. This did not seem like a big deal, but the news today said otherwise. Per the director of security and the Wynn's employment lawyer, the salary aspect will be changing to hourly and dropping by approximately $15,000 per year. On top of that, all current employees who have contracts will be forced to resign when their contract is up. The issue here is that a good amount of those contracts end on October 3rd of this year, one month from today. Essentially, they are forcing a bunch of veterans out of work with only a one-month notice. They are also not honoring the terms of the contract they provided to us, by stating that if we do not submit to the new terms, they will terminate us one week from today, without paying the one month of severance pay mandated. The contract clearly states that if any amendment is to be made, both parties must sign it. My experience at the Wynn has been riddled with poor leadership and ineffective management. Everyone I work with is miserable, but management doesn't seem to understand why. Perhaps it is because they do not care."


"The company is new and"

Worked as Cook 1 Steady Extra. (Former Employee) says

"Unheard of 1hour paid lunch in free employee cafeteria. Most people on night shift get along well. Fun to work with. Day shift not very friendly or helpful. Very long walk from employee parking garage to uniform changing department. Then long hours on feet."

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